International Education

DJ School Netherlands provides professional International courses in English, German and French. We give private lessons to for fill your own goals and wishes. We can also offer the course or multiple courses combined including a hotel accommodation on walking distance.  We are situated in two branches in The Netherlands close by train station, shops, restaurants, sightseeing, movie theatre and more! We offer also a special pick-up and return airport service on request.

Our education selection is to become a DJ, VJ and/or Producer. Also for anyone who is interested in the new digital media or Marketing, Music, Graphics and Audio/Video production.

  • Electronic Music Production;  choose from Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro X (2, 4,8, 20 or 40 hrs)
  • Plug-ins for Electronic Music Production (2, 4 or 8hrs)
  • Electronic Music Production for Video (2, 4 or 8hrs)
  • Electronic Music Production for Theatre or other live performances (2, 4 or 8hrs)
  • Electronic Music Production with Maschine Studio (2, 4 or 8hrs)
  • Digital Video production (2, 4 or 8hrs)
  • DJ workshop (2,5hrs) or DJ Course (7,5hrs) with Pioneer Pro DJ gear and Rekordbox software
  • DJ workshop (2,5hrs) or DJ Course 7,5hrs) with Serato DJ software
  • DJ workshop (2,5hrs) or DJ Course (7,5hrs)with Traktor DJ software
  • VJ with Resolume VJ software (4 or 8hrs)
  • VJ with Serato Video software (2,5hrs or 7,5hrs)
  • Make a WordPress website course (8hrs)
  • Adobe courses; photoshop, illustrator, indesign, after effects, premiere pro (2, 4 or 8hrs)

Nice to know facts:

  • Amsterdam is our main office.
  • Our branche in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is near the Belgium border!
  • We are in the middle of three airports; Amsterdam Schiphol 1hr drive, Rotterdam Airport 45min drive, Eindhoven Airport 30 minutes drive to ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
  • We have a hotel accommodation on walking distance
  • Shops, restaurants, supermarket and Subway restaurant are in the same street area OR we can provide our own instore catering
  • We  exist 12,5 years in 2017!
  • We have a mixed team of 15 professionals; three women and twelve men
  • We have five own record labels in more than 40 worldwide download portals like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Beatport
  • We have a state of the art electronic music production studios (5 in total! designed by famous “Jan Morel” same as Martin Garrix)
  • We have a state of the art video and photo studio
  • We are voted nr 1 international school for DJ, VJ and Producers!
  • We are official part of ADE2016 AND ADE2017